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Style Home Owners say .......

Style Construction handled the whole job from start to finish including house removal, all subdivisional work, installation of services and of course the building of our dream home. They have a fantastic network of sub-contractors who are great to deal with. In fact I still can't believe how far they strech a dollar. The only thing budget about our home was the cost, everything else is quality and loaded with style.
Greg & Kirtsy

It was the construction quality and overall finish that really mattered to us, and Style Construction delivered on all of these with our new home. We have friends who are builders who carried out our inspections and they were extremely impressed with the construction.
Geoff & Sarena

Thanks Christopher for helping us to design and build our home from scratch when we purchased the land from you in 2008. The house was everything I would have hoped for and you were very accommodating with some of the beginner ideas we may have dreamt up! A great start for me into the world of house designs, so again Thanks!!!

When we build again we will give you a call, the house still looks brand new, no cracking in any of the gib ceilings or walls, fantastic! P.S. thanks for coming back to adjust that window
Scott & Sarah

Style provided excellent service during the construction of our home. they were very helpful providing us with helpful answers to all our queries.
Stephen & Donna

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