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Knock down & Rebuild

Do you have an old house that is costing too much to maintain, doesn't suit your lifestyle and needs to be replaced? Do you love the area you live in, your friends and neighbours but need to upgrade, then we can knock down or transport your old home off the site and rebuild you a beautiful new home, Demolish and Rebuild is your answer.
Don't undertake stressful renovations or costly extensions, choose to Knock Down & Rebuild with Style. You can rest assured knowing that your new home comes with a 10 Year Master Builder Guarantee, quality design and finishes, increased energy efficiency and a floorplan that suits your lifestyle and budget.

A small, cold and dated weatherboard home replaced with a generous sized, warm and modern family home

A 70's plaster leaker knocked down and rebuilt. Being warm and DRY with Designed with architectural sympathy to the surrounding homes

A big site with a 3 bedroom brick and tile home transformed into a two lot subdivision complete with two 5 bedroom family homes.

Not a complete knock down but the boat did need a garage and the Q7 isn't the smallest vehicle.

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