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About Us

Style Construction was incorporated in 1996 and built its first house in Glendowie, Auckland.   The company lay dormant for the next seven years when the director of Style Construction made the choice to take up the position of Auckland Branch Manager with Steel & Tube's contracting division. Subsequent to that appointment a position offered by Accent Construction as General Manager was accepted.  Accent Construction was building approximately 70 houses and developing two 20 lot subdivisons per annum.  This solid grounding in both commercial construction with Steel & Tube, and residential construction and land development with Accent Construction, completed an intensive hands on experience for Christopher, the director of Style Construction. With a total of 14 years experience with Steel & Tube and 5 years with Accent Construction, Christopher went out on his own after the director of Accent retired and ceased trading.
Style Construction, with the generous help of the retired Accent director, immediately commenced trading again and employed both the staff and sub contractors that Accent Construction had formed relationships with over the preceding 15 years.
Style Construction's core business is both house construction and land sub division. The owners of Style strive to construct family homes that are functional, economic to build and most importantly have Style.

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