Why Demolish & Rebuild

Change your Home not your address

Get the Home you have always wanted:
Shift into a brand new home where you want to live and enjoy a home that has a higher specification, possible views, room for the pool or boat, and enjoy the latest look and feel you get when you move into a brand new home designed for you, and by you. Our Design Build process will ensure your home is designed the way you want, incorporating all the features and expectations you want for your new home.Building a new home means you re-evaluate the needs and wants of your family without the constraints of trying to consider your existing house structure for renovation.  Starting with a clean slate means no compromises with the design, and you get the home you want.By not selling and repurchasing you save on legal fees and real estate commission.  With the never ending increase in property prices, rebuilding may be more cost effective than upgrading to a new property in an over heated property market and you don't pay the property developers equity/profit margin. You create your own equity.

Less Disruption:
Every year thousands of New Zealand families put up with excessive cost and disruption of renovating and extending their old homes so they can go on living at their current address, and then end up with a compromised solution - it just isn't a new home and the cost certainly isn't recognised by future buyers.

No Surprises:
You may need to upgrade different aspects of your home to comply with current building regulations.

Less Cost:
Building a new home generally costs less than half the cost per square metre compared to renovating an old home, and in most cases can be quicker than expensive renovating and extending. With no Real Estate selling fees, legal fees, Watercare & Council contributions and service connection fees, you really do save thousands. Your existing mature trees, landscaping, pool and fencing can be retained and the running costs of your new home is significantly less with superior thermal insulation and water saving devices.