What You Need To Know

  • The Building Act 2004 sets out regulations, including the Building Code, covering all building work. It is administered by the Department of Building and Housing.
  • Building Consents, Resource Consents, LIMS, and PIMS are issued by your local council.
  • The council must issue a code of compliance certificate (CCC) on work for which it issued a Building Consent if its satisfied that the work complies with the consent. It must decide whether to issue a CCC within 20 days of receiving an application.
  • The Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) Scheme is a new feature in the Building Act 2004 to ensure the public can have confidence that licensed practitioners are competent and that houses are designed and built right the first time. The LBP scheme means that competent builders and tradesmen with a good track record can have their skills formally recognised. All LBPs are listed on a public online register, along with details of their licence classes.
  • Style Construction only employees licensed building practitioners directly on site, we do not pay a fee for the use of a licence unlike some other corrupt builders we know of. The LBP scheme has good intentions, but fails miserably in our opinion, as no one checks to see if the licensee is on site when the work is being undertaken, the licensee has a duty of care to supervise the work and then sign off the work.

Resource Consent

  • A Resource Consent maybe required if your project does not meet the requirements of the Resource Management Act and the Councils District Plan.
  • In general Resource Consent applies to work you do on the land, and Building Consent applies to building work you do, but if the building work you do will effect the land or other users, you may need a Resource Consent.
  • A typical example of a Resource Consent is the height of the proposed building may exceed the allowable height set out in the District Plan. Therefore you would need to apply for a Resource Consent stating the reason why you consider the infringement is minor, or of little or no effect and or get sign off from the effected parties, often your neighbor. Council will consider your request and with any luck grant the Resource Consent with conditions attached. Where as a Building Consent sets out how to build the house, e.g. what size the studs are, the spacing of them, connections etc, etc.
  • If a Resource Consent is required, you must get it before you start work. You can still apply for a Building Consent for the proposed dwelling and it will be issued, but it will have a  Section 37 notice stating building work cannot commence until the Resource Consent has issued.
  • Style Construction is highly experienced with the Resource Consent process and can provide guidance to ensure the Resource Consent is processed and issued in a short time frame.

Building Consent

  • A Building Consent is the council's written authority to carry out building work that it considers will comply with the Building Code if completed in accordance with the plans and specifications submitted with the application.
  • You must obtain a Building Consent before carrying out building work.
  • There are a number of documents required for a Building Consent and Style Construction, in conjunction with other professionals, prepares these for submission for a Building Consent. A typical consent consists of 30 drawings and details, a 50 page specification, 100 pages of product specification, 100 pages of engineers reports and calculations, 15 pages of completed council forms, deposit cheque for processing, proof of ownership or purchase and a copy if applicable of any Resource Consent.
  • The application must provide evidence of how the performance requirements of the Building Code will be met. The clearer the documentation, the less likely problems will occur, but if council are busy there will be delays.
  • There is a 20 working day time frame in which to process your building application. If the plans are found to be inadequate or the council is busy, the council will ask for further information. This will halt the application processing until the information is provided.
  • A Building Consent will lapse if work is not commenced within 12 months.
  • You may start work as soon as the building consent has been issued, as long as all other authorisations have been obtained.