1. Step One - Site Visit
We visit the site to learn about the site features and the desires of our client. We actively listen  to identify the aspects of the home that our client requires, amenity and esthetics are thoroughly explored to ensure we exceed expectations. We order the property CD from council and complete a topographical survey and geotechnical investigation of the property if these aren't available.

2. Step Two - Conceptual Design
The Style Construction Design & Build Team of designers and builders discuss the goals and budget for the project and draft an initial layout with floor plans that meet all the needs and desires of the home owner. Our years of experience with Design and Build ensures the design meets budget, amenity and design requirements. We will not propose a conceptual design that exceeds budget. At this stage we will apply to council for a PIM (Project Information Memorandum)

3. Step Three - Detailed Design & Specification
The conceptual plans are now processed into construction plans, engineering and building services are designed and any small tweaks are made now. The kitchen wall my push out a couple of 100mm for example to accommodate a 900mm wide free standing oven or a bathroom wall may shift so that double bowl vanity unit you always wanted fits.

4. Step Four - Building Consent
The drawings are submitted to the local authority for Building Consent and or Resource Consent processing. The Building Consent process has a statutory time limit of 20 working days.

5. Step Five - Colours, Finishes, Audio Visual, Electrical, Cabinets
This the fun stage where your house becomes a home and all your design ideas are pulled together. The paint colours, carpet and cabinetry both kitchen and bathroom are chosen. The layout of the electrical is decided and the surround sound TV and speakers are positioned. Style Construction has on staff an experience d colour consultant who can guide your decisions to ensure your home is everything you dreamed it would be.

6. Step Six - Construction Begins